Business Gateway

LESL has a proud record of delivering the Business Gateway service in Lanarkshire, a diverse economic region of Scotland covering two major local authority areas.

Business Gateway is the portal for all inquiries into the network in Scotland, covering people who want to start their own business, and businesses seeking help to grow. Business Gateway Lanarkshire is the highest performing gateway in terms of identifying growth prospects and supporting them.

We engage with more than 5000 businesses in Lanarkshire every year. The nature and intensity of that engagement is based on a formal initial assessment of their ambition, and real opportunity for growth. While many of these companies need general support, advice and information, a significant proportion offer strong growth prospects and need experienced, specialist support.

LESL has provided the “business growth” element of Business Gateway services in Lanarkshire since 2001. During that period we have assisted more than 5000 companies forecasting growth of more than £800 million, with increased sales and employment.

We also provide support to start-up businesses, helping more than 12,000 of them to start trading in Lanarkshire since 2002.

This level of activity arises from our active promotion of an inquiry service for people thinking of starting up in business.  We run awareness events and workshops on specific subjects, including business planning, tax, finance, book-keeping and marketing. We provide one-to-one advice and support, including market appraisal, business planning, investment support and access to finance.

LESL has a peerless record of business support provision, helping to ensure the Lanarkshire economy continues its transformation into one that is broad-based, nurturing new businesses and supporting jobs.