Reboot Lanarkshire – supporting local business

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LESL’s Reboot Lanarkshire programme helped 14 Lanarkshire businesses get back to full performance whilst operating in the middle of recent Covid 19 restrictions. Delivered 100% online, this Accelerator style programme delivered a series of business support workshops and follow up meetings.

Commencing in October 2020 and completing in February 2021, the themes covered included Leadership, Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Resource and Planning. Each client created their own action plan in conjunction with the session supplier to encourage momentum and enthusiasm to build throughout the programme.

The workshops developed several key skills including:

  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic business modelling
  • Income diversification
  • Marketing strategy
  • Developing messaging and PR
  • Branding
  • Sales strategy
  • Implementation and getting results
  • Business ready for growth – systems, resources and tools

Every workshop included a 1 hour follow up session.

14 Lanarkshire business felt the benefits and support from this intensive Reboot programme at a difficult time in their business lifecycle.

LESL – improving the business landscape post Covid 19 – one business at a time.