At LESL we understand COVID has had a devastating effect on local businesses hitting turnover hard with 1000s of jobs furloughed.  It pains us to see individuals and businesses struggle to keep up with the changing business landscape. Helping entreprenuers achieve their potential is core to what we do as a business and that is why we are launching The Reboot Business Programme.

The programme which incorporates leadership development to support leaders for the challenge ahead, looks comprehensively at the business’s capabilities and identifies income diversification opportunities; develops the marketing messaging and communications and ultimately makes sure that the right skills, capacity and financial resources are identified!

LESL has been unlocking the potential of business leaders and business for over 25 years. From our experience of delivering specialist expert support to SMEs, we have developed a process and delivery mechanism to ensure that we meet the needs of each individual SME.

Unlock the growth potential in you and your business.

We believe the traditional ways of the past are over and the world wants to see education, health, manufacturing and many other industries which are no longer fit for purpose, remodelled to withstand the rapid growth era of the 21st century.

We are joining the #jointhequietevolution campaign to unite people around the world to be seen and heard, no matter who or where you are.

Let’s come together, co-create the new story and shift the world into the new era.

Share your purpose.
Unite on purpose.

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